We are developing an online testing application to help students prepare for CEM 11+ common entrance exams, and in particular for entry to Heckmondwike Grammar School.


Our application is currently available for use,

free of charge, to students enrolled with

Kip McGrath Education Centre - Heckmondwike.


Visit the 11+ Resources page for our range of testing tools.


The page is password protected to prevent unauthorised access - email us to obtain your login details.

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  • Aryan (Saturday, March 10 18 06:43 pm GMT)

    Aryan Younis , student from Liversedge.

  • yoyo (Saturday, May 19 18 05:50 pm BST)


  • bella li (Monday, June 25 18 05:10 pm BST)

    I went to test

  • Sukhi (Saturday, August 04 18 08:06 pm BST)


  • Eloise (Monday, September 03 18 02:39 pm BST)

    lol I love it so much. I have a problem though, my mum makes me do it for four hours why?

    I wish I could do one hour then play. Then another hour and play, etc etc.

    The website is helping me so much. I’d like to say thank you to EVERYONE at Kip Mcgraph!

  • Eloïse (Monday, September 03 18 03:33 pm BST)

    I really hope all of my hard work will really help.
    It has really helped me learn more.

  • Urooj (Thursday, September 13 18 08:38 am BST)

    This website really helps me

  • Urooj (Saturday, September 15 18 04:23 pm BST)

    this is an amazing website im going to miss using it because today was my last lesson

  • simone (Saturday, September 15 18 04:43 pm BST)

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;)
    kip is sooooooooooooooooooo good.

  • simone (Friday, September 28 18 08:44 pm BST)

    I love kip I have left now but it helped me so much

  • random person (Saturday, August 03 19 11:42 am BST)

    very good

  • randomer (Saturday, August 10 19 11:48 am BST)

    (Friday, September 28 18 08:44 pm BST)
    I love kip I have left now but it helped me so much

  • Esme MacDonald (Thursday, June 25 20 10:12 am BST)

    Hey!!! Kip Helped me out A TON when i needed it so THANK YOU!!!

  • Esme MacDonald (Thursday, June 25 20 11:08 am BST)

    Kip you have helped me out SO MANY TIMES!!! Oh... and I've got my test next month!!! I might get into the school because of you!
    THANKS!!!! :P

  • hartejs (Thursday, August 20 20 11:10 am BST)

    kip and bright stars are so helpful
    and feel like I have a chance without them I would have no chance.

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